Cursing in Indonesia


This process is done people with different purposes in different kinds of situation. Words like anjing

(dog), tai (shit), bangsat (bastard) etc. are mostly the main vocabulary in this term (there are actually a lot

of vocabulary in this terms depends on what local language is used)

In this section, it will be explained through its functions.

To show anger

when we shouted this cursing with high tone to strangers, the strangers would take this words as offensive

words. It not suggested for us t use this words if we don’t want to provoke a violent reaction

To exaggerate things

These words also can be inserted in a sentence (regardless of the positions), to stress out what we are

talking about. However, this act should not be done if our intimacy towards the addressee is low, or we

would be considered as a rude type of person

To show the intimacy

the cursing words also uttered to show how socially intimate they really are. These words, as already

mentioned, show how intimate they really are. In other words, in his case, the more cursing words uttered

the more intimate they are

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